This is kind of awesome: Mashup of TLC & the Cure. IT goes together strangely well! 

Fuck You Congress

This is bizarrely satisfying. 

You shut down Panda Cam, you bastards! Fuuuuuck you.

Fuck the South

I freaking adore this. 

Tim Minchin · Occasional Address

I freaking ADORE everything this dude has to say!

So listen up, or you’ll get lost, like a blind man clapping in a pharmacy trying to echo-locate the contact lens fluid.”

Thanks, Obama!

I’m having fun mentally adding “THANKS, OBAMA” in a sarcastic inner voice to the end of every headline I read. Hey, it works for Republicans! 


Fla. woman known for hiccups guilty of murder, Thanks Obama!

With His Remarks on Sexual Morality, a Surprise Pope Keeps on Surprising. Thanks, Obama!

Maybe it’s because I’ve had this cough for like a week now, it’s 2:00 a.m. and I can’t sleep and I just took a dose of expired codeine. I don’t know. 

in honor of

Breaking Bad Recap (From 100 Years Ago)

Breaking Bad needed a tapdance interlude, I think.

Lost Theaters of Somerville

Highlights from the “the Pocket Dictionary of American Slang” copyright 1960

Ding-dong: an aggressive go-getting vagabond

Dinger: a tramp; a worthless person

Ding-ho(w): OK; very good; swell.

Gong: an opium pipe

Pregnant duck = ruptured duck. (OK THEN! There is no definition for “ruptured duck”)

Snoff: a weekend girlfriend; not one’s steady. Stands for Saturday Night Only, Friend, Female.

Snollygoster: A politician who relies on oratory rather than knowledge or ability; a politician who speaks much and does little.

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