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The Ongoing Saga of Allston Scott (photos taken over a 2 year period)

Photo Set

A Rainbow of hoarding: random stuff in my room divided by color.

Photo Set

top: Alex Bugnon
Middle: Alex Bugnon’s back cover
Bottom: Rene and Angela 

Someday I will own a keytar. Until then… these album covers will have to do.



castor dicitur a castrando

(the beaver’s self-castration)

There is an animal called the beaver, which is extremely gentle; its testicles are are highly suitable for medicine. Physiologus says of it that, when it knows that a hunter is pursuing it, it bites off its testicles and throws them in the hunter’s face and, taking flight, escapes. But if, once again, another hunter is in pursuit, the beaver rears up and displays its sexual organs. When the hunter sees that it lacks testicles, he leaves it alone. (The Aberdeen Bestiary)

Bestiary, Salisbury 13th century.

British Library, Harley 4751, fol. 9v

Source: discardingimages

I am enjoying this. I am awesome at creating mixes that *I* will like anyway!


I was recently reminded of Robin Clark, who did backup vocals on Simple Minds’ album Once Upon a Time. Holy cow I idolized her when I was a kid. I tried to emulate her style, and nothing was probably more hilarious than seeing a 7th grader in a giant sparkly shirt with a huge belt, leggings and monster earrings. I didn’t do make-up, and there’s no way I couldn’t have gotten my hair to do that, but still. I felt cool. Robin Clark was (and probably still is) awesome!

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A collection of epic pictures from around the internet.


A critical analysis of David Bowie’s crotch bulge in Labyrinth

(scroll down)— FINALLY! A critical analysis about which has had more cultural impact— David Bowie’s package in Labyrinth, or Sting’s eagle underwears in Dune!